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Global Funds Transfer

Global Funds Transfer (GFT) service allows you to transfer money abroad, safely and quickly using our Internet banking service, ASIA CyberBanking (ACB). Whether you need to send money to your child studying abroad or pay for personal expenses or family support in your home country, Global Funds Transfer services provides a reliable method to meet your needs. The service also enables you to check the status of your foreign funds transfer.

How to apply
How to use
Supporting Documents

How to Apply

ASIA CyberBanking customers may apply to use Global Funds Transfer service on-line by :

1. Log into ASIA CyberBanking with your User ID and Password
2. Click Global Funds Transfer menu, then Terms And Conditions will appear for you to Accept
3. Fill in the on-line application and submit to Bank
4. You can then use the service after 3 working days that you applied by clicking on the same menu item.

How to Use

Step 1: Get into Bank of Asia Website at, select ASIA CyberBanking and key in your User ID and Password
Step 2: Select Global Funds Transfer from Menu and then Outward Global Funds Transfer
Step 3: Key in details of transaction i.e currency, amount , details about your beneficiary and their bank account, select account which funds should be debited for this transfer.
Step 4: After you select Confirm, the exchange rate will appear on-line real time, if you agree with the exchange rate and ready to send the transaction please select Confirm again.
If you select Save, the system will save your transaction and you can retrieve the transaction to edit or process later.
Step 5: You can check the status of the fund transfer by selecting Inquiry, and then Outward Global Funds Transfer Status
Step 6: You can get your detail of debit advice in Inquiry and select Debit Advice

For amendment to your transfer instructions which had already sent to the bank, refer to the menu Outward Global Funds Transfer options and select Amendment Outward Global Fund transfer

Step 7: Every time you transfer funds abroad, you must provide Supporting Documents by faxing to us ( unless you have already sent to us )



It must be noted that Bank of Thailand's regulation required declaration on the purpose of fund for both inward and outward funds transfer IF

  • The fund is not for merchandise payment.
  • The fund is over US$5,000.
    To download the forms required by Bank of Thailand, click here


Supporting Documents

Important: We cannot process your Global Funds Transfer request if complete supporting documents are not sent to the bank along with your on-line application form. Kindly Fax your supporting documents to :

Head office South Sathorn : 0-2285-1412, 0-2213-2618, 0-2285-1620
International Banking Center :
  Bangna : 0-2398-9235
  Sam Yaek : 0-2221-4454
  Sriracha : 0-3832-6768
  Hadyai : 0-7424-7674


Contact us

For more information about Global Funds Transfer, please contact:

  • Trade Finance Division, Bank of Asia, Tel: 0-2343-3232
  • ASIA Phone, Tel: 0-2285-1555 or e-mail:
  • Any Bank of Asia Branch nation wide.





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