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ASIA Housing

If you are planning to buy a home or re-finance your housing loan from another financial institution, ASIA Housing is your choice. Acceptable collateral are single houses, twin houses, town houses and residential condominiums. The minimum loan amount is 300,000 Baht while the maximum loan is as high as 10,000,000 Baht. With our flexible payback scheme, the maximum loan value is 85% of the appraised value or the balance transfer amount for re-financing.

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Applicant Requirement
Supporting Document


Special Promotion Rate
0 1 Nov 04 to 31 Dec 04 and must have mortgage registration not later than 28 Feb 05

For New House and Refinance

  • Year 1 Interrest rate 2.39%
  • Year 2 Interrest rate MLR-2.25%
  • Year 3 Interrest rate MLR-1.75%
  • then MLR-1.50% till Maturity

For Second Hand House

  • Year 1 Interrest rate 2.99%
  • Year 2 Interrest rate MLR-2.75%
  • Year 3 Interrest rate MLR-1.50%
  • then MLR till Maturity

Interest Rate for Construction
Effective from 8 Dec 03 onwards

Saving Deposit interest rate +2.75% for 3 years
then MLR-1% till Maturity

  • Maximum credit of 85% of the appraised value of the property and 80% for upcountry(For Condominium, maximum credit of 80% and 75% for upcountry).
  • In the case of refinancing, the maximum credit will be 85% of appraised value for all collateral types.
  • For construction, maximum credit of 70% of the land appraisal and 100% of the construction cost appraisal, however the total of loan (land + construction cost) must not exceed 85% of land and building appraisal (80% for upcountry).

Remark If property's price is Bt 10 million or over, maximum credit will be 70% of appraisal value for all cases.

  • Maximum tenor is up to 30 years of loan payment terms (20 years for condominiums).
  • Maximum loan amount is Bt.10,000,000 (Bt.7,500,000 for upcountry).


ASIA Housing also gives you more with our special offers:

Applicant Requirement
  • Thai nationals
  • Minimum salary of 20,000 Baht/month
  • At least 2 years of working experience (3 years if self-employed)
  • At least 21 years old, Age+loan duration must not exceed 65 years.


Supporting Document

Personal documents of the applicant.

Collateral related documents.

Financial documents.

  • Identification card.

  • Household registration.

  • Marriage license or letter of divorce (if any).

  • Letter of change of name or surname (if any).

  • Identification card and household registration of spouse (if any).
  • Every page of the title deed to property
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement of property.
  • Evidence of down payment.
  • In the case of refinancing from another financial institution
    - Purchase and Sale Agreement of property. (Tor Dor. 13)
    - Evidence of 12 consecutive months of payment.
    - Loan and mortgage agreement
  • In the case of home construction
    - Home construction license
    - Blueprint / drawing
    - Construction contract / quotations
  • Latest pay slip and letter of employment (original copy)
  • The past 6 months of bank statements.
  • For self-employed application only:
    - Business registration
    - Letter of certification from the Ministry of Commerce.
    - Corporate affidavit.


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