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ASIA Mortgage Link

Increase cash flow is easy if you already own a home.

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  • Interest Rate for Overdraft Loan (O/D) *
    • MOR on a overdraft credit line of up to 5 million Baht .
    • MOR+0.5% for a line of more than 5 million Baht.
    * Remark Interest is calculated only from the amount borrowed and the length of days outstanding


A floating rate overdraft credit line or a fixed term loan or combination of fixed term loan and overdraft credit line, with chequebook access through a current account, for homeowners to utilize the equity in their residential properties. Acceptable properties are single houses, twin houses, townhouses and residential condominiums.

Whether you own a residential property or a mortgaged home with other another institution, you can have 24-hour reserved cash with the following privileges:

  • Maximum credit of 75% of apprasied value
  • Minimum loan amount is Bt. 300,000 and maximum at bt. 10,000,000
  • Choices are yours to choose among an overdraft credit line, a fixed term loan and a combination of an overdraft credit line and a fixed term loan. For a fixed term loan, tenor is up to 15 years (10 years for a condominium).
  • Easy access through an ATM card and cheque which can be cashed at any BOA counter.

Applicant Requirements
  • Thai nationals
  • At least 21 years old
  • Minimum salary of 30,000 Bath/month
  • At least 2 years of working experience (3 years for those who are self-employed)

Supporting Documents

Personal documents of the applicant.

Collateral related documents

Financial documents.

  • Identification card
  • Household registration
  • Marriage license or letter of divorce (if any).
  • Letter of change of name orsurname (if any).
  • Identification card and household registration of spouse (if any).
  • Every page of the title deed to property.
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement of property. (Tor Dor. 13)
  • Letter of permission to construct and request for house number
    (in case that you submit the request to construct by yourself)
  • In the case of refinancing from another financial institution:
    - Payment records for the past 12 months
    - Loan and mortgage documents
  • Latest salary pay slip and letter of employment (original copy)
  • Bank statements for the past 6 months
  • For self-employed only:
    - Business registration
    - Letter of certification from the Ministry of Commerce.
    - Corporate affidavit.


For more information, please contact :
Asia Phone: 0-2285-1555, 24 hours.
Khun Prasert at 0-2256-7074-7 or email to

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