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Verified by VISA

Secured and Worried-free Shopping On-line

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Applicant requirement
How to Register
How to use Verify by VISA to shop on-line
How to edit and cancel Verified by VISA

Verified by VISA, a new service offered by VISA International to facilitate a more secured method of payment on-line. You can now shop on-line with a greater peace of mind as your private information is double-protected with: Verified by VISA password, a authorization code only known by yourself; and Personal Assurance Message (PAM) to ensure that the on-line shop is a VISA-authorized merchant. Once you have registered with Verified by VISA, no one would be able to use your card number for on-line payment without knowing your Verified by VISA password.

You can register for Verified by VISA service using any of Bank Asia's Asia VISA credit card or Asia VISA Electron at no cost.

Verified by VISA Benefits

      • Increased security with Verified by VISA Password and Personal Assurance Message (PAM)
      • Shop with authorized merchants from worldwide.
      • Easy registration via www.BankAsia4U.com
      • Alternative card usage with every type of Bank of Asia's Asia VISA credit card and Asia VISA Electron.

Registrant's Requirement

      • Rightful holder of every type of Bank of Asia's Asia VISA credit card or Asia VISA Electron.

How to Register

      • You should own at least one of Bank of Asia's Asia VISA credit card or Asia VISA Electron.
      • Visit www.BankAsia4U.com and go to Verified by VISA to register
      • Fill in the on-line secured form with your credit card number and details as required.
      • Specify your own password and password hint.
      • Specify your own Personal Assurance Message (PAM)*
      • Please enter your e-mail address to receive free gifts and benefits from Bank of Asia.
      • You can use your Verified by VISA password 24 hours after registration.
      • Please accept the terms and condition to complete the registration process.

        * Personal Assurance Message is the message that you specify during registration and only authorized merchant will be able to display the right PAM back to you.

Using Verified by VISA to shop on-line

      • You can use Verified by VISA service at any on-line merchant that bears the Verified by VISA logo, by simply using Verified by VISA password together with your credit card number.
      • The merchant will send back your specified PAM for you to confirm. If the PAM sent is different from what you specified during registration, or if there is no PAM sent back to you, that would mean this merchant may not be rightfully authorized by VISA International, and you should cancel the purchasing process immediately.

        * In using Verified by VISA via Bank of Asia's debit card (Asia VISA Electron) to make purchase on-line, your account available balance will be checked. If there were sufficient balance, the payment would be made. If there was insufficient balance, but there is an e-Cash applied, the credit line would be checked. However, if both available balance and e-Cash credit line were insufficient, payment would not be possible.

Editing and Canceling Verified by VISA password

      • If you forgot your Verified by VISA password, you may request for password hint that you specified during registration.
      • You can edit your Verified by VISA password any time by entering www.BankAsia4U.com and go to Verified by VISA.
      • You can cancel your Verified by VISA password any time by entering www.BankAsia4U.com and go to Verified by VISA.

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