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B2B Services

Business to Business e-Commerce is an internet-based exchange that facilitates trade and settlement between buyers and sellers, allows companies to conduct sourcing, marketing, sales, order transactions and offers more on-line activities over the Internet. Bank of Asia provides the best solution of e-Settlement Services which are e-Payment and e-Bill Presentment and Payment (eBPP). The companies can apply e-Trade Finance on-line via Internet from Asia CyberBanking for Export, Import and Remittance to complete your B2B oversea transactions.

The features of B2B e-Payment
The features of B2B e-Bill Presentment and Payment (eBPP) 
How can a company apply


The features of B2B e-Payment:

  • Your web-site will link up Bank of Asia payment gateway on-line.
  • Real-time settlement from dealers to companys account.
  • Can check balance on-line from Asia CyberBanking.
  • Advance security features such as Firewall, SSL 128 bits, Authentication and special internal security system.
  • Business workflow and technical Consult from BOA
  • Data reconcile on-line and inquiry payment history.

The features of B2B e-Bill Presentment and Payment (eBPP)

As we provide the solution of e-BPP, the company only daily up-loads and downloads file.

  • Single log-on the system to settle with multi suppliers.
  • Display total invoices of each supplier.
  • Level of approval: Vouchers and Payment Transfer
  • Real-time settlement from dealers to companys account.
  • Inquiry balance on-line on the same screen.
  • Advance security features with Firewall, SSL 128 bits, Authenticate.
  • Data reconcile on-line and inquiry payment history or generate payment report


How can a company apply for B2B Services:

As we customize our service to fit for customers, please contact:

Bank of Asia, PLC
e-Commerce and e-Banking Division
191 South Sathon Road,
Bangkok, 10120

Hot Line of E-Commerce & E-Banking : 0-2343-4949
Fax: 02287-3056

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