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About e-Commerce

  About e-Commerce
Why is B2B2C e-Commerce the next best thing?
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About e-Commerce
The ever-increasing popularity and importance of e-Commerce in today's business environment is creating a need for a new type of Internet transactions. B2B2C e-Commerce or "Business-to-Business e-Commerce" is an Internet-based exchange that facilitates trade and settlement between buyers and sellers, with no geographical boundaries.

Why is B2B2C e-Commerce the "next best thing"?

B2B2C e-Commerce involves the full inter-business cycle of sourcing, marketing, sales and order transactions conducted on-line over the Internet in real time. This means that the service can help a company increase operational efficiencies. Other benefits of B2B2C e-Commerce include the expansion of one's customer base without increased expenses, tapping into new markets and market segments, generating of profit, improving service, increasing customer's satisfaction and streamlining business procedures.

Bank of Asia is committed to providing an innovative B2B2C e-Commerce solution that will allow your business to maximize the possibilities of this exciting new trading environment. By building strategic partnership with key players in the e-Commerce arena, we are now able to offer a non-proprietary, outsourced, end-to-end global solution that leverages both Bank of Asia's domestic network and global network and expertise in the provision of sophisticated cash management and trade services.

Bank of Asia Solution

Bank of Asia's B2B2C fully integrated e-Commerce solution covers the entire spectrum of business activities, providing a link for all aspects of the inter-business cycle on one global electronic network It enables you to lower costs and extend your reach by streamlining the key business processes, from order taking and procurement right up to financial settlement and treasury functions.

With the support of Expertist team, you will be able to reap the full benefits of cyberspace trading with an integrated system that manages financial settlement, bank reconciliation, treasury management and the accounts receivable/account payable process.

An Outsourced Solution

Bank of Asia's e-Commerce solution offers an IT provider for both hardware and software, and a network provider with security and efficiency related to Internet-based communications. As a e-Commerce Solution leader, we provide the experience and the expertise to integrate the financial and treasury management functions seamlessly and globally. By outsourcing your e-Commerce solution, you will immediately be able to enjoy the benefits of e-Commerce at a low entry cost. Moreover, our commitment to R&D ensures that our e-Commerce solution will be continually enhanced as this emerging technology evolves.

An Integrated Solution:

A key benefit of the Bank of Asia's e-Commerce solution is its complete integration with in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. All processes-including order management inventory control, distribution, financial statement, and treasury management-are brought together into one seamless solution which is transparent to the user. As the initiation of commercial transactions is fully electronic, human error and costs are dramatically reduced.

An Open Solution:

Through strategic e-Commerce partnerships, Bank of Asia's e-Commerce solution creates a global electronic marketplace for buyers, sellers, and logistics companies to meet in an open trading environment. Linked business exchanges provide a B2B2C e-Commerce service hub that brings the major trading zones of the world into one global trading community. This allows you to access new customers in new markets and in new territories-easily and affordably.

A Secure Solution:

Our e-Commerce solution features the most advanced authentication and encryption technology combined with user access controls and audit trails to protect the integrity of transactions and to guarantee data security and confidentiality. Users will be identified and authenticated through the use of digital certificates stored in smart cards. All transaction documents are double encrypted and authorized with digital signatures to ensure the integrity and non-repudiation of information.

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