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Shop on-line safe and easy!
Experience BOAs payment gateway service by shopping on-line with variety of our e-Commerce customers ...>>

Want to sell merchandises / services via the internet?
Bank of Asias Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Service allows merchants to accept payment through the Internet in 3 ways (Credit Cards, Direct Debit, and ASIA Wallet) and in 9 currencies (Baht, USD, EURO, HKD, SGD, YEN, GBP, CHF, and AUD). All you have to do is apply for a merchant id and link your e-Commerce web site with our payment gateway ...>>

Want to do Business-to-Business transaction via Internet?
Bank of Asias Business-to-Business (B2B) service allows merchants to make payment and accept payment between businesses through the Internet via direct fund transfer ...>>

Want to shop on-line saferprevent unauthorized credit card usage or better yet shop with a debit card?

You can shop on-line with a peace of mind if you activate Verified by VISA service for your ASIA VISA card. If you activate it with your ASIA VISA Electron card you can use your debit card to purchase on-line as if its a credit card at e-Commerce shops that use Verified by VISA service>>

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