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Deposit Products

Beside typical saving and current account, Bank of Asia also offers a variety of deposit products to match your variety of needs….

"Would it be nice if my cheque automatically go through … even when my money is in another accounts?"

ASIA Convenience Account can make it possible… with automatic fund transfer from saving to current accounts and overdraft up to the balance of your fixed deposit account

"I Need saving accounts that satisfy various preferences in my family!"

Bank of Asia offers varieties of saving accounts, for those of you who prefer passbook, prefer bank statements, prefer high interest rate, prefer to get interest rate monthly, OR even for your kids whom you want to save money for their future!

"How can I get more money … through my deposit account….?"

Bank of Asia offers fixed deposit accounts that to help you earn more as your needs grow, to help you retire comfortably, and make your interest earning tax-free!

"My business do import and export in dollars …can we avoid foreign exchange loss?"

Yes, if your company opens a foreign currency deposit account …>>



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