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ASIA M-Banking

If you have WAP phone from DTAC* or using Sim Tool Kit with AIS, there's another easy way of doing banking transaction with Bank of Asia through ASIA M-Banking. ASIA M-Banking provides you the most portable and convenient banking channel, just like having your own bank in your hand.

Apply On-line
How to Apply via
How to Access


  1. Convenience
    You can now do your banking transaction anywhere, any time without coming in to the branch or looking for Internet access.
  2. 24-Hour Services, No Holiday
    ASIA M-Banking serves you all day without holiday.
  3. International Standard Security System
    Besides Firewalls, SSL128 Bits and Authentication system that we implemented in ASIA CyberBanking, we also implemented encryption module of mobile phone to encrypt your data all the way from your mobile phone to bank server.
  4. Simple to Apply
    It is very easy to apply either from ASIA M-Banking menu on ASIA CyberBanking for existing ASIA CyberBanking customers or from the application forms at BOA branches, DTAC customer service centers or print out the form from and submit to any BOA branch.
  5. Free of Charge
    You can now apply ASIA M-Banking without any fee.

You may view the M-Banking demonstration on-line from AIS or visit our Asia M-Banking FAQs.



  1. Account Summary
    Customers can check balance of their deposit accounts (Savings, Current and Fixed accounts) and loan accounts including Credit card through mobile phone.
  2. Fund Transfer
    Fund transfer between savings and current accounts can be done easily using ASIA M-Banking service.
  3. Bill Payment
    Payment for products and services like mobile phone usage charge, Internet usage fee and others can be made with ASIA M-Banking.
  4. Other Services
    Customers are allowed to change their own password at any time for security reasons and also call our ASIA Phone from the menu that we provide.
  5. Sign Off
    After finish using the service, customer can leave by selecting Sign Off.

* Note: The recommended WAP phones for ASIA M-Banking service are Ericsson R380s, R320s; Nokia 6210, 7110; Siemens C35, S35, SL45.


How to Apply

You can apply ASIA M-Banking without any fees, if you have only saving account or current account of Bank of ASIA.

- By Mobile
- By Online

- By Branch





Setup Mobile Phone
Access M-Banking
View Statement
Fund Transfers
Bill Payment
- Change Password
Sign off
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