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Web Payroll

Staff Payrolls Service via Asia Cyber Banking "Web Payroll Services"
The services provided by the bank to their corporate customers who want to do staff payrolls transactions by debiting from their account and credit to their staff accounts via Asia Cyber Banking.

Enrollment Procedures
Benefits to the applicants
How to apply
Documents required

Enrollment Procedures

The companies who want to do the Payrolls Transactions have to precede the transactions or submit all relevant data to the bank at least one day in advance prior to the effective date (before 13:00 hrs). The bank will debit from the companies accounts and simultaneously credit to their staff accounts on the effective date as specified in the payment instructions. The companies can view the Fund Transfer Report from Asia Cyber Banking screen.

Benefits to the applicants

1. Companies' staff can get their payrolls on-time
2. The companies require only Personal Computer and Internet Connection to use this service.
3. The payroll data are well protected with international standard security system.
4. More convenient to submit the Staff Payrolls data to the bank at less delivery cost.
5. Can easily view the Staff Payrolls Reports from Asia Cyber Banking screen on the
internet without the need to pick up the physical report at the bank.

How to apply

The companies can apply at any branch of Bank of Asia subject to the condition that both the companies and their staff need to have their accounts opened with Bank of Asia.

Documents required

The application form to use Asia Cyber Banking Web Payrolls services by downloading the form from the internet and apply at any branch of Bank of Asia.




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