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For e-Trade Finance

The company can use Asia CyberBanking for Trade Finance service. Further more this service requires no additional fee.

There are 4 main e-Trade Finance services offered via Asia CyberBanking

Import Services : open letter of credit (L/C) on-line
Export Services : Advice L/C
Remittances : Transfer fund abroad
Foreign Currency Deposit Account : Check statement


Special Features

  • Two authorization levels, makers and authorizer, for Import, Export and Remittance Services.
  • Each service (Import, Export and Remittance) can be registered independently.
  • Authorizer(s) can be assigned with different amount limits in compliance of your power of attorney.

How to Apply

  • Fill-in Corporate Application form for Asia Cyberbanking: You can download application form here. Fill in the application and submit to any branch near you. You will then receive user id via email, and you have to pick up password from the branch you selected in the application.

Applicant Requirement

  • At least one account with Bank of Asia.
  • Authorized signature (with company stamp).

Registration Fee

  • No registration Fee

Acess ASIA CyberBanking
View Statement
Transfer Fund between Account
Global Fund Transfer
Apply ASIA CyberBanking for e-Trade
Outward Remittance
Open L/C
Check Outstanding Transaction
Check open L/C Transactions
Check for an inward transaction
Report Problem with e-trade transactions
ASIA Phone
ASIA M-Banking

Credit Card

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