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Zero Balance Concentration

"Zero Balance Concentration Account is a cash management system which improves overall yields and eliminates the need to manage accounts individually."



Enables your accounting department to link operating (or sub accounts) accounts with a central account, all held with Bank of Asia. When all daily debits and credits are posted to the sub accounts, the Bank will automatically off-set the sub accounts by

sweeping surplus funds from the sub accounts to the central account, and/or

sweeping funds from the central account to the sub accounts.

This also affords companies an opportunity to shift liquidity from cash rich to cash poor subsidiaries to improve the overall use of liquidity.



  • Eliminates or Reduces Idle Balances: Eliminates the need to hold idle balances in each account to meet end-of-day batch payments such as cheque clearing and media clearing.
  • Reduced Overdraft Charges: System automatically off-sets any deficits with credit balances, thus reducing the need to incur overdrafts.
  • Reduced Transaction & Administration Costs: System automatically sweeps funds to cover cash shortfalls, which eliminates the time, effort and costs involved in the physical movement of funds. Similarly, the swept funds can be reversed the next business day to meet daily transactions.
  • Improved Yields on the Investment of Surplus Funds: System enables surplus funds of various entities to be physically commingled, providing greater flexibility in making short-term investments to enhance yields on available funds.
  • Automated Computation and Re-allocation of Interest: Interest is reallocated to the respective accounts reducing the time and effort spent calculating inter-company borrowings and inter-company settlements arising from daily sweeps.
  • Control: Comprehensive reports are provided to the parent or group account, detailing the daily activities of the swept balances, interest benefits, and positions of each participating entity.
  • Maximum Interest: Automates the movement of funds from non-interest bearing accounts to an interest bearing accounts


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  • Khun Juntanee Rungsriruttanawong Tel. 0-2343-4753




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