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ASIA Lady Mastercard

ASIA Lady Mastercard offers the special privileges and discounts for ladies. Apply today

ASIA Lady Mastercard also comes with car emergency assistant service 24 hours a day from AXA, ASIA Lady Smart Club Magazine (listing discounts and privileges for card holders).

Get special discount from the latest ASIA Lady Smart Club



Spend More… Get More ,point of 12 times from today - 31 January 2005 ..>>

Cash Back 500 Baht for credit card applicants.
Now - 30 November 2004
  • Apply for Bank of Asia's Credit card and get cash back 500 Baht if you spend at least 5,000 Baht in the first statement cycle (excluding cash advance).
  • Waive entrance and first year annual fee. (according to typical conditions set by Bank of Asia).

Applicant Requirements

MasterCard Gold

MasterCard Silver

Monthly Income

40,000 Baht or above

15,000 Baht or above

Employment History

At least 2 years


At least 20 years old

Supplemental Card applicants

The principle card owner whose montly income is 15,000 Baht or above can apply for supplemental card for a family member who is at least 18 years old.

Special Privileges


You can now have your favorite dishware or long-desired items at a special discount as well as complimentary gifts from leading stores - a privilege exclusive to ASIA Lady MasterCard Credit Card members only.

Check out where and when you can get these special priviledges for the latest fashion, travel, hospital, jewelry, food, health & beauty, hotel, etc

Quarterly ASIA Lady's Newsletter

Up-to-date commentaries and information about the modern world, fashion, cuisine, beauty services, vacation spots, training courses and much more, especially selected and arranged for ASIA Lady MasterCard Credit Card members.

Expand your spending power

Enjoy credit of up to 350,000 Baht and 125,000 Baht for Gold and Silver card members, respectively.

AXA Assistance Service from AXA Assistance

  • Feel safe and secure wherever you go on the road with our 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance service.
  • Emergency auto technician service
  • Emergency tow truck service
  • Can rental and hotel accommodation service
  • 24-hour special personal service, that feels like your own office manager.
  • Suggestions on services and locations.
  • Hard-to-find item information and locating service.
  • Entertainment ticket reservation service.
  • Information and reservations on courses.
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations.

Added convenience with Emergency Cash Withdrawal

Emergency cash withdrawal is available from MasterCard counters at all banks and ATM's worldwide with and

ASIA Rewards - The program that allow you to redeem gifts more easily and quickly than all others.

Receive one point for every 25 Baht spent via ASIA Lady MasterCard Credit Card. Collect them for redemption of leading gifts, touring packages or Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) mileage. .

World Renowned Privileges

Widely popular and accepted by more than 110,000 leading locations nationwide and 22 million more worldwide.

55 days interest-free credit.

Increase your liquidity with the 55-days interest free period.

ASIA Phone - 24-hour Telephone Banking Services

24-hour inquiry and credit card transaction services via telephone.
Tel: 0-2285-1555

10% Minimum Payment

A special privilege of 10% minimum payment per month or at least 1,000 Baht.

Various Payment Methods

You can complete payment via:

  • Account debiting.
  • Bank of Asia ATM.
  • ASIA CyberBanking service at
  • ASIA M-Banking service.
  • Bank of Asia counters nationwide.

Apply now and have the membership fee waived for lifetime.

* The membership fee for Principal and Supplemental cards is waived for the first year and the following years once 100,000 Baht or 50,000 Baht for Gold and Silver card members has been spent respectively or spent 12 times per year.


Required Documents


Foreign Employee

Business Owner

  • Copy of Thai ID card or Passport
  • Copy of House Registration (first page and page with applicant's name)
  • Letter to certified salary amount from the employer OR the actual salary slip.
  • Copy of bank statements dated back 3 months
  • 2 Letters of consent
  • Copy of passport and work permit.
  • Letter to certified salary amount . From the employer OR the actual salary slip
  • Copy of bank statements dated back 3 months
  • 2 Letters of consent
  • Copy of Thai ID card or Passport
  • Copy of House Registration (first page and page with applicant's name)
  • Copy of bank statements dated back 6 months.
  • Copy of company registration with Ministry of Commerce
  • 2 Letters of consent

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