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In our continuing effort to provide all of the Bank of Asia's stakeholders with as much information as possible about our operations, we have embarked on a very ambitious project to completely restructure our Investor Relations web-site.

The BoA Investor Relations web-site aims to be the definitive information source about the bank. To achieve this objective, management will ensure that the most up-to-date information is made available, complying with the highest standards of transparency. We hope that everyone will find it useful, informative and accurate and immediately access it whenever they need information about Bank of Asia.

The web-site will feature the latest internally and externally generated news about the Bank's operations as well as detailed financial and corporate information.

In addition to financial and operational information, the new Bank of Asia Investor Relation's web-site will provide stakeholders with a management's eye-view of our operations.

Visitors to our new web-site will be able to review management's current market overview and its analysis of competitive environments. Management will also articulate it's value creation strategy, its business performance when compared to significant benchmarks and how it is identifying and capitalizing on the bank's business drivers.

Please take a tour of our new Investor Relations web-site. We welcome any comments and suggestions.

» Chulakorn Singhakowin (CEO)

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